Tokyo School of Anime LoL Team 「Road Creation」goes global

東京アニメ・声優専門学校LoLチーム Road Creation

On November 26th 2016, Tokyo School of Anime's League of Legends team 「Road Creation」fought through the 「Shanghai Preliminaries」(hosted by the Japan Collegiate League) to represent the land of the rising sun at the 「University Cyber Games」in Wuhan, China (December 24th-25th).

To celebrate the acheivement, the school held an official press meet during their eSports division Christmas Welcome Party.

Christmas Welcome Party

The party was held to welcome the Freshman class of 2017 and for them to experience what's in store next year. The party started with an ice breaker activity and transitioned into the school video showcasing the year's events, ending with a few words of wisdom from their future senpai.


Road Creation press meet

After the introductions, came time for the freshman to meet team Road Creation.

Road Creation壮行会開催観客

Official Uniforms

Road Creationチーム入場
Starting from the left: Koyomisora, RaySight, Dominion, 10N, NessCycle, Kazuha

The team made their entrance wearing their brand new uniform courtesy of the eSports Cafe the team's official sponsor.

Team Chemistry

Road Creationチームプレスエリア着席

Individual skill can only take you so far, and team Road Creation knows this. When performing at an international level it will take all of their effort to communicate and execute their strategies in high pressure situations. The team talked at length about the importance of team chemistry when it comes time to play their first ever international match in Wuhan, China. Currently the team does not have any data on the competition so the focus was solely on their ability to perform as a team.

Road Creationリチーム笑顔

Final Thoughts

Road Creationチーム撮影拳ポーズ

It's incredible to see what these young athletes were able to accomplish in their first year at the Tokyo School of Anime. With the University Cyber Games just around the corner (December 24th-25th), the team is slowly shaping into what the Japanese eSports industry currently needs, a global presence.

Writer: enn_thomas