eSports Rising in Japan. "RAGE Vol. 3 Shadowverse GRAND FINALS"

内でのe-Sportsの地位を上げた、「RAGE Vol.3 Shadowverse GRAND FINALSが開催!

RAGE Vol.3 Shadowverse GRAND FINALS

On November 23rd 2016, one of the biggest eSport event was held in Akihabara. The title they competed in is a famous CCG(Collectible Card Game) in Japan, "Shadowverse" designed by Cygames inc. The 8 finalists climbed through the offline qualifiers, which 3000 players signed up for. The Grandfinals was a single elimination tournament with a prizepool of 7,000,000yen (approx. 61,481.41 USD), awarding 1st place with 4,000,000yen(approx. 35,133.95USD) and 2nd place with 1,000,000 yen(approx. 8,783,49USD). 

RAGE event atmosphere


What is RAGE

"RAGE" is an e-Sport event organized by CyberZ inc. which is a consolidated subsidiary of CyberAgent inc. "RAGE" was established in November 2015 and hosted their very first e-Sports event in January 2016. This makes their 3rd e-Sports event they have held offline.

会場1階のpublic viewing



Introducing the eight grand finalists: "asupe", "hiroya", "nakayama", "roro", "soomya", "屈辱の決闘者(Kutujyoku no Ketosha)", "ま(Ma)", and "りんご(Ringo)". Also joining the event were two special casters, "StanSmith" and "kuroebi" who hyped up the audience and created the intense atmosphere. The quality of the event was outstanding. "RAGE" created invdividual promotion video to introduce the players, providing exclusive uniforms to players and aired videos of each players interview on thoughts about their opponents and their passion toward the Grandfinals. 




RAGE Shadowverse トーナメント表

First round matches were "nakayama" vs. "ま(Ma)", "asupe" vs. "soomya", "屈辱の決闘者(Kutujyoku no ketosha)" vs. "roro", "りんご(Ringo)" vs. "hiroya". Following up with the semi finals were "ま(Ma)" vs. "soomya" and "roro" vs. "hiroya". Not being able to make it to the finals and deciding 3rd place was between "soomya" vs. "hiroya". The epic battle condluded with "hiroya" coming back from 2 losses and believing in the heart of the cards. "The biggest challenge was coming back from the first 2 losses with myself wanting to give up." says "hiroya" after placing 3rd. The Grand finals was between "ま(Ma)" vs. "roro" which was crowned to "ま(Ma)" by crushing his opponent with 3 straight wins. "Winning or losing, I did not imagine this outcome. I wanted to make the matches suitable for the finals"

RAGE shadowverse 一回戦会場雰囲気

決勝戦 ま選手 vs. roro選手

RAGE Grand FInals 制したのはま選手!

The executive from CyberZ, Shingo Otomo delivered the champion trophy and a cheque of 4,000,000yen(approx. 35,133.95USD) to "ま(Ma)" at the closing ceremony. He then annouced to the crowd that he has a special video to show. The video presented the next eSport event for one of the popular mobile games "Vainglory" and also introducing the next "RAGE Shadowverse" event for Spring 2017. As the crowd cheered, the event came to a close with the final words from "ま(Ma)", "Bring it On". 

Writer: enn_nao