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With Capcom Cup 2016 just around the corner, we decided to look at a series of online matches (curtosey of XusesGB) between the Legendary Daigo Umehara & the strongest Japanese Guile player Esuta.

We here at eNNgamers have captured some key points regarding this specific matchup, we hope you enjoy.


Key points

The mid range game is especially difficult for Ryu because of the difference in fireball characteristics, Guile has a much faster recovery than Ryu does. In a fireball match Ryu will lose so the safest bet would be to move forward and block.

リュウ対ガイル戦中距離戦・Ryu Vs. Guile midrange game

The close range battle will be your best bet when approaching this matchup to nullify the keep away game. This is where Ryu has access to his big damage combos so keep the st. Medium Punch to catch Guile pressing buttons.

リュウ対ガイル近距離戦・Ryu Vs. Guile closerange game

The Scariest thing about the Guile matchup is this EX-Flash Kick during close range combat. This move can completely turn the tide around so make sure you keep on eye on the other players EX Meter and learn their tendencies. The close range pressure can often make players panic so bait this out and punish accordingly.

リュウ対ガイルフラッシュキック・Ryu Vs. Guile Flash Kick

Make sure you anti-air as much as possible, Guile is a defensive character but that does not mean he can't put the pressure on Ryu. If you are not sure if the anti-air will hit, don't hesitate to use a meter for that EX-Dragon Punch.

リュウ対ガイル対空・Ryu Vs. Guile Anti air

Writer: enn_thomas