Black Squad「FPS」Tournament at Tokyo e-Sports Cafe

ハンゲーム社Black Squad

With the popularity of First Person Shooters on the rise in Japan, we at eNNgamers decided to delve deeper into the Japanese FPS scene. Today we were invited by the 「e-Sports Cafe」located at Tokyo Shin Okubo Station to cover the newly released FPS game by HanGame, 「Black Squad」.


Let's have a look at google maps.


The e-Sports Cafe is located inside of the large building with the red sign.

e-Sports Cafe駐輪所

e-Sports Cafe5階

A path on the right of the building near the bicycle racks leads to an elevator to the e-Sports Cafe.


The e-Sports Cafe is located on the 5th floor.

e-Sports Cafeエレベーター出た風景

When you exit the elevator you are immediately welcomed by the Japanese eSports environment.

e-Sports Cafe受付への通路

e-Sports Cafe受付

We took a right, going straight to the reception's desk.

e-Sports Cafe パソコンOverwatchテーマ

e-Sports Cafeライトアップされた奥のセクション

All the subsections of high-spec PCs ready to play the latest eSports games, such as Overwatch and League of Legends.

e-Sports Cafe パソコン全体セットアップ

e-Sports Cafeパソコン中身

All gaming stations are all equipped with the latest and greatest parts: an intel core i7 CPU, GTX 1080 16GB GPU, and a 180hz refresh rate Monitor.

e-Sports Cafe Razer社キーボード&マウス

e-Sports Cafe Razer社ヘッドセット

All peripherals (Mouse, Keyboard, Headset) used at the e-Sports Cafe are from Razer.

e-Sports Cafe予約中

Computer can be reserved in advance for people who would like to hold offline events (予約席=Reserved Seat).

e-Sports Cafe PRESSタグ

We recieved our Press tags got a brief tour of the beautiful Cafe. I will be tweeting the event live from this gaming station.

eSports Cafe プレイヤー達

e-Sports Cafeプレイヤークロースアップ写真

On weekends the e-Sports Cafe is often filled with people participating in the local tournament, today is no exception.

e-Sports Cafe Black Squad 3位

e-Sports Cafe Black Squad 2位

e-Sports Cafe Black Squad 1位

e-Sports Cafe Black Squad MVP

At the end of the tournament the winners are awarded a combination of in-game or money prizes. Here are the top 3 teams of the Black Squad tournament starting from 3rd place with a bonus Most Valuable Player of the day.

e-Sports Cafe Victory壁紙

Come by the e-Sports Cafe whenever you are in Tokyo and get a few rounds in on your favorite e-Sports game. Casual or Competition, whatever your flavour is, the e-Sports Cafe is a fantastic place for any PC gaming enthusiast.

Writer: enn_thomas